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HHP’s death not yet sunk in says Cassper Nyovest

The likes of Maxhoba Tasman and Tuks were all given a chance to speak about the first time and the last time they spoke to Jabba, however, the most difficult person to listen to was Cassper.

As today marks the official memorial service of HHP aka Jabulani Tsambo, his close industry friends all gathered at the Metro FM studios during the Fresh Breakfast show to share their fondest memory of the late rapper.

Last week, Cassper mentioned how HHP’s death had not sunk in yet and that he felt that this was all just a bad dream, however, during the interview, it’s as though all of his emotions came rushing in at once and that the reality of HHP’s death had now finally settled in.

Cassper Nyovest

“I’m still like in a dream, it hasn’t hit me yet but I’m starting to warm up to the idea that this might be true. I haven’t cried, I haven’t even been to the house, it’s like I’m running away, I don’t know. The funny thing is, I’ve never experienced this but I cried in a dream and I woke up with a wet pillow, so I don’t know if it was sweat or if I really cried.”

Cassper added that the last time he saw HHP was three weeks ago at a Pop Bottles event, Cassper also added that during that encounter HHP had mentioned that Cassper had forgotten about him but Cassper explained that, that was not the case and that he had reached out to the late rapper via text which HHP didn’t get.


“As documented, me and Jabba had like a big fall out and I’m glad that I was able to hold my emotions and not express myself in public, ’cause there’s no video of me responding to how Jabba felt or whatever he said about me. After all of that, we started speaking slowly and it was still really bad but my last encounter was at pop bottles three weeks ago and I told him ‘no man I sent you this text and you didn’t reply’ and after Pro’s passing I thought, ‘man life is so short and I just want to make things better with my brother.’ So I send him the text and he was telling me he didn’t see the text. So there’s a video of me showing him the text.”

Cassper also said that during that last time they spoke, HHP kept on saying he loves him.

HHP and Cassper

“He kept on saying I love you randomly, while we were talking he would say ‘ja mara ke a go rata Nyovest’ and look me in the eye. But because he was such an awesome person it didn’t seem weird or awkward, he had a lot of moments where you really didn’t figure or understand why he did that. He then asked me to pray before we parted ways and that’s the picture that came out, that’s the last time I saw him and spoke to him.” said Cassper.

At this point of the interview, Cassper’s voice was very shaky and those who had tuned into the show expressed how saddened they were to hear Cassper.

Source: ZAlebs