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Gauteng woman heavily beaten up by a Zulu man for speaking in English


Here’s something you don’t get to hear every day:

A Gauteng woman and her young daughter were left traumatized after she was assaulted for speaking to her child in English.

Patricia Ngobeni from Boksburg in Ekurhuleni was left with an Injured hand after a stranger attacked her while she and her daughter (6) were buying pies at a local shop on Saturday last week.

According to the victim Ngobeni, 29, It was a Saturday afternoon when she decided to go for a walk in town and bond with her daughter.

She said they decided to go get some pies during their walk and little did they know that an attack was awaiting at a local pie shop that they usually visit.

“When we arrived at the store, there was a Zulu-speaking man, who could be in his 50s, who was also there to buy a pie. After I picked a pie that I wanted, my daughter, speaking in English, picked hers. That’s when hell broke loose.

“The man attacked me by first poking his wallet into my eye and I retaliated by kicking him. He told me that he would kick me in the face. He then pushed me against the pie warmer and I fell on the floor and he continued to kick me.

“He told me I was stupid for speaking to my daughter in English yet white people don’t speak our languages.”

Ngobeni later opened a case with the local police.

Police spokesperson Justice Ramaube confirmed the case was opened but no arrestes have been made yet.

“I can confirm that a case of common assault was opened, but no one was arrested and investigations are continuing” said Ramaube.

The mother said what hurt her most about the incident was that her attacker seemed to have judged her without knowing her circumstances.

“He can’t teach me how to raise my child or which language I must use to talk to her.

“What if I’m coloured? Or what if my daughter was fathered by a coloured?

“I don’t understand why people walk around carrying so much anger in them and they take it out on the wrong people.

Ngobeni also revealed her daughter was still traumatised by the attack and, for that reason, she would do everything In her power to make sure the culprit gets arrested.

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