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Zozi Tunzi’s Wikipedia name leaves Mzansi in stitches

Zozi, who will forever remain the landlord of the Universe as far as Mzansi is concerned, became Miss Universe in 2019 and held the title longer than anybody in the history of the popular international pageant.

The internet treated former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi to a good laugh this week when someone went in to Wikipedia and changed her name and misspelt names of other former beauty queens and their countries.

The Tsolo-born model recently gave up the crown to Miss Mexico Andrea Meza.

Following her change of status from reigning to former Miss Universe, someone had the presence of mind to update the list of previous winners and title holders on Wikipedia.

You’re thinking “great!” right? Yeah, it would have been awesome except the person completely butchered Zozibini’s name.

It may have been an honest mistake (probably not) but the person wrote Zozi’s name as “George Beanie”. Lol! He or she even got the surname wrong, spelling it “Tunji” instead of Tunzi.

One of Zozi’s fans saw the messy Wikipedia entry and took to Twitter to alert her.

“LOL! Who did this? Show yourself,” Zozi commented on the tweet with crying laughing emojis.

Obvs not trying to make Zozi feel special, the person also did the same injustice to other names, including that of Demi-Leigh Tebow (née Nel-Peters) whose entry read as “Demi Neel Peters”,

Not even the current Miss Universe could escape the misspelling “attack” as her surname was spelt “Mesa”.

Zozi laughed off the fiasco, noting jokingly that the person needed some education because he/she even got names of some countries and their flags wrong.

Meanwhile, someone already jumped on the case to correct Zozi’s name on the list.

Many noted Wikipedia was not regarded a credible source of information but there was no way the fans of the queen were willing to allow Zozi to be disrespected.

After all, sis still holds the key to the universe as far as many people are concerned.


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