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Jacob Zuma using delaying tactics with Zondo recusal decision review, say experts

Jacob Zuma

Legal experts said that former President Jacob Zuma was continuing to employ delaying tactics at the state capture commission as he heads to the High Court to review the chairperson’s decision not to recuse himself from the inquiry.

Zuma walked out of the commission shortly after Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo explained that there was no logical reason for him to step aside.

Zuma’s departure violated the summons issued against him.

Zuma’s appearance at the state capture commission was never going to be an easy affair and nothing has brought this point home more succinctly than his decision to leave the proceedings without Zondo’s permission when he failed to get his way.

However, as legal experts warn, he could be arrested for defying the summons issued to him by the commission to answer questions between Monday and Friday, they also believe that he will not succeed in his quest to have Zondo’s decision not to recuse himself reviewed.

Legal expert Lawson Naidoo said: “I don’t believe that they stand much chance with that but in my view, that’s not really the aim of the strategy. The aim of the strategy is to delay and to avoid Mr Zuma having to give evidence.”

The commission is still reflecting on Zuma’s early exit on Thursday.

Zuma’s attorneys also indicated they will be filing a complaint at the Judicial Service Commission after their demand that Zondo should not preside over his testimony failed.


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