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Cyril Ramaphosa thanks those who testified at Zondo Commission

President Cyril Ramaphosa has accepted part one of the state capture report on Tuesday, saying this effectively ended an era of capture and abuse of resources in this country.

He was speaking in Pretoria where acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo handed over that part of the report.

“This is what I would call a defining moment in our country’s effort to definitively end the era of state capture and to restore the integrity, credibility and capability of our institutions, but more importantly, our government.”

He thanked many for their part in coming forward and stopping state capture.

“Without the people of our country showing the determination that they did to confront corruption in the public sector, the work of the commission would not have yielded the type of results that we’re seeing today.”

And this included the media and whistle-blowers.

“I wish to thank the many people who gave evidence before the commission, and to the academics, investigators and journalists whose work contributed to uncovering many of the matters before the commission.”

Justice Zondo explained what will happen next.

“As you know, by end of January, we will deliver part two of the report. It will deal with a certain number of SOEs and topics. Then by the end of February, we’ll deliver part three, which will cover the rest.”


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