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Zodwa Wabantu lets it all out with Enhle Mbali on Sincerely Yours

Zodwa and Enhle

Enhle Mbali hosted Zodwa Wabantu on her podcast, Sincerely Yours. Zodwa and Enhle spoke about how women are viewed and how they express themselves differently due to different life experiences – The podcast is raw, real and aims to strike conversation on hard topics that deserve to be spoken about.

Zodwa Wabantu selling vegetables
Zodwa Wabantu was recently a guest on Enhle Mbali’s new podcast talk show, Sincerely Yours. The podcast aims to open conversation about topics that are not often discussed but need to be. Enhle is a powerful and independent woman who is currently going through a trying time. Zodwa, like Enhle, is also going through a tough time, but has been holding her head up high.

Zodwa Wabantu

Enhle expressed in a press release that the podcast aims to “unpack meaningful and powerful topics faced by everyday people through the eyes of esteemed guests”, like Zodwa. The second podcast was recently recorded and released, and Zodwa was the chosen one. Enhle and Zodwa spoke about the different ways in which females choose to express themselves and some of the reasons that may explain their choices.

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa opened up about her teenage years and revealed that she did not always appreciate her body as she does now. Mzansi’s Vosho Queen experienced a lot of financial hardship that moulded her into the strong and independent women that she is today.Enhle Mbali

Being misunderstood because you are different to others does not make your wrong, just simply misunderstood. Zodwa does not feel that she is harming herself or doing anything wrong, she is merely appreciating her body for what it is and living her life to the fullest. After having heard her story, Enhle gained a whole new perspective of Zodwa and took to social media to make it known.


Enhle Mbali

Zodwa absolutely loved her time with Enhle as, for the first time in a long time, she was actually heard and understood.  Exposing the real and raw reality is what Enhle is after, and that is exactly what she is doing. Tbo Touch even took to social media to express just how amazing and real the podcast is.

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