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Zimbabwe offers free transport for those willing to leave SA

Zimbabweans in SA

Zimbabwe has followed suit in offering its citizens free transportation back home if they wish to return from South Africa.

According to The Herald newspaper, about 171 Zimbabweans have taken up the offer and would be going back home. This comes as more foreign nationals are waiting to be returned to their respective countries.

In the meantime, some of them are being housed at different shelters in Katlehong.

Zimbabweans in SA

The large group includes Mozambicans, Zimbabweans and Malawians who were displaced by the recent wave of clashes between locals and foreign nationals.

Dozens of men, women, and children have been calling the DK Williams Community Centre for the past two weeks. But they can’t wait to return to their places of birth.

Some stood in queues while others rested on makeshift beds waiting for officials to register them.

They were surrounded by very little of the belongings they could salvage when they recently fled their homes.

One of them said: “The things I’ve got here, are the only things I have.”

Another said: “We need the government to assist us because our things are burnt.”

Home affairs officials and relief teams are also there to help those displaced.


Source – EWN

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