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Video: Actor Zamani Mbatha Exposes The Social Club

South African actor and influencer, Zamani Mbatha has been left gutted after witnessing a woman get beaten up at the Social Club – an entertainment venue in Pretoria. This is according to a live video that has surfaced on social media where the actor details the experience

“Do not come to the social club ever. There’s a bru who slept a hun and the bouncer kept saying please go.” He said. “And I said, there is someone who just slapped a hun. You can’t tell us to go. There’s someone who just slept a hun, and you guys are not doing anything and he’s walking off for free. They literally grabbed me and they literally took me out nge ngkani, by force. Only because I was talking and I was saying, if you have to screen record this, please screen record it.” He continued.

Zamani said that he will use his social influence to push the message. He pleaded with his followers that no matter what they do, they must not go to the venue as they do not care about women. He added that he got up by the bouncers while trying to help a woman out.

“I believe I have enough power to push the message. Whatever you do, do not ever go to the social club. They abuse women, they don’t give an F about women. I tried standing up for a woman, I got beaten. I had to fight a bouncer because I was standing up for a woman. Someone slapped a woman, but people were mizing it as if it’s something normal. That is not normal. Women are not puppets; women are not punching bags dog. They are not punching bags please whatever you do, don’t ever go to the social club.”

He again pleaded with his followers to not going to the venue as they do not care about the safety of women.

“I’m not going to fight; I’m not going to call the police I’m not going to call people I know. I’m not going to fight I’m not going to do anything. The only power that I have is this. And this is the power that I believe that I have. Whatever you do, don’t go to the social club in Pretoria. If you want to get clapped as a woman go. Forget about the social club. Cancel the social club.”
The entertainment venue has not issued an official statement regarding the alleged incident.


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