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Youngsta CPT shows support for Palestine

Various celebrities have weighed in on the conflict. Taking Twitter, the South African rapper wrote, “At this point, Palestine should be free!!!. The rap star is applauded by a few of his fans for voicing out and showing his support to the Palestinians.

Youngsta CPT

Youngsta CPT gives his support to Palestine amidst the ongoing conflict against Israel. The two nations have made headlines over the past weeks due to the ongoing war, which has claimed many lives.


In other news – Kris Jenner’s former bodyguard makes shocking move in 3million lawsuit

McWilliams has accused Kris Jenner of inappropriate behavior during his service to the momager and a major update has just come in.

Kris Jenner

The Daily Mail recently reported that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge was requested by Marc McWilliams to dismiss his accusations ‘with prejudice. Read more