VIDEO of young SA woman doing it in the car with boyfriend goes viral – WATCH

Nowadays we just have to expect anything as people continue to share all sorts of things on social media, with different intentions! has come across a video making rounds online, of a young lady seeming to be fondled by her alleged boyfriend while in the moving car.

We truly believe that the more time we spend on our phones is truly the more we move further and further away from reality, we spend so much time on our phones so much that we are now failing to see what’s right and what isn’t.

A woman with the Twitter handle seen by posted a video of herself in a car with her boyfriend’s arms inside her jeans.

Watch the VIDEO here


And this is what tweeps had to say:

@LeratoN_ said: “In the next 5 years you will be very lucky as a man if the woman you want to marry doesn’t have Onlyfans ,a leaked sextape or her pussy on social media”

@LeratoN_ added: “Its ok to do this ,in fact its fun But to let him record and post it, uthini nge sdima sakho mara ,mos from now on you are just an object to every guy on the internet”

@Ma1000_mjovo wrote: “One coffee nyana …. Next thing the kuku becomes gear number 8”

@Dxusha said: “imagine the guy that’s going to pay Lobola for this chick then one day see this video yhoooo”

@tycullmaddavee said: “Yazi it is devastating especially us black youth things we post… For what? What’s wrong with our Sisters? Whats wrong with dt Guy? Yazi U did swear dt sum people are posting these dignity degrading sexual acts at Gunpoint… But why… But ke me thul'”

@kamogeloyd wrote: “People still don’t realize social media is very quick…by the time you think of uploading someone already has it.”

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