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Would you date your partner for 27 years? #SofaSlahlane


The internet was quarter to being placed in a coma on Friday when a man on popular love reality show Sofa Slahlane revealed that he had been dating his bae for 27 years, only for her to die just before their wedding. Malume Fana shared his heartbreak on the show, but told its host Mzilikazi wa Afrika that he was going ahead with the wedding. Imagine! A wedding without the bride. Shame.

Fana said that he wanted to marry his girlfriend, even in death, because he wanted to show their child that marriage was the right thing to do.

And while Ma’s death may have hit fans right in the feels, they were just as touched by the fact that the pair had dated for such a long time.

The consensus was, well, most people ain’t waiting 27 years to get a ring. Some of us can’t even do 27 days, now other children are out here doing 27 years?

They flooded social media with memes and messages, sharing their surprise and their own experiences:



I mean, that’s how long Mandela was in jail.

Let’s just hope it didn’t give other fellas ideas.

Source: Times Live