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Kamo Mphela plans to dominate the entertainment world with her dance moves

Kamo Mphela

Recently, Kamo Mphela nearly caused a traffic jam with her dance skills – The dancer took to the streets to show off with what she could do and impressed Mzansi – She now has big plans for her future and wants to dominate the entertainment world. When local dancer, Kamo Mphela, took to a busy road to show the country that she’s got skills, it was a clear sign that December is ‘officially open’. Her festive vibes got shared with Mzansi as a video of her dancing went around on social media, going viral really fast. Kamo did not expect such a huge reaction but plans to make use of the new fame she’s earned herself.

Kamo Mphela

“My 2019 highlights, I never thought I will be where I am right now. Everything just happened so quickly. I’ve joined Major League DJz, I’m working [vocally] and all big things are happening and very overwhelming. I’m going into presenting and hopefully MTV Base gives me something because I have been applying for a long time.” TimesLIVE reports that Kamo has been dancing since she was very young. Her dad, who worked at YFM, would take her to events and she’d jump on stage.

Kamo Mphela

I dance on the streets, shops and everywhere, apart from dancing in the studio, that’s not fun. It’s something that everybody is expecting you to do. I’m trying to be really different, trying to start a trend and see how much influence I can have on people.” Kamo already has a lot of fans and even had a moment where one of them started crying when she saw the dancer.

Kamo Mphela

The craziest experience that I’ve had with my fans was when one fan was actually crying when she saw me. She was screaming my name. That was pretty cute. I wanted that and I never thought that was happening, it was a crazy moment.” She is now working on a single that will be dropped in December and she’s holding dance classes at Soweto’s Finest Dance Studio in Newtown.

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DJ Zinhle

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