OPW presenter Nomsa Buthelezi is in love with her girlfriend

When Nomsa Buthelezi opened up about her love life and revealed that she was in a gay relationship, a lot of people were surprised yet at the same time happy that she was living her truth and deeply in love.

Although Nomsa didn’t want her relationship to be the talk of the town, people couldn’t help but gravitate towards her love life with her girlfriend Zandile Shezi who is based in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Speaking to Sowetan Live about her bae, Nomsa gushed about how much of a supportive girlfriend Zandi is and that they are just enjoying each other’s company as a new couple who isn’t scared or ashamed to express their love however and whenever.

Nomsa Buthelezi

“She is very supportive of me and loves me just as I am. It is very liberating to be with someone who is comfortable in their sexuality and does not need to hide. We have both had our fair share of relationships with people in the closet, who would have a lot of restrictions about what we could and could not do in public.” She told the publication.

Nomsa Buthelezi

When asked if she’d like to get married in the near future Nomsa said she’s open to the idea of having her own perfect wedding but right now she and Shezi are just taking things easy.

Nomsa’s parents know about her relationship with Shezi and they’ve been quite supportive of their union.

Source: IOL

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