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Windows 11 Start menu changes

Microsoft isn’t ready to backtrack on Windows 11’s major design changes yet, but at least it’s testing out a few new ways to customize the OS. With the latest Windows 11 Insider build (22509), you can have the revamped Start menu show more pinned apps, or more recommended apps and files, in addition to the default mode which balances the two. That’s not a return to the Windows 10 Start menu that some diehard users have been clamoring for, and really, it’s unlikely Microsoft will ever relent. Windows 11 prioritizes minimalism, and a busy Start menu filled with all of your apps doesn’t really fit that mould.

Among other changes, the Insider build will also bring the date and clock back to the taskbar on additional monitor screens, something that was inexplicably removed in Windows 11. Microsoft notes that tweak isn’t going to appear for every Insider user, oddly enough. It’s a shame Microsoft isn’t exploring more ways to customize the taskbar—losing Window labels has made my desktop cleaner, but harder to navigate compared to Windows 10.

The new Windows 11 Insider build will also it easier to use the Edge web browser while using Narrator, Microsoft’s built-in screen reader. You can also expect to see more options moving over from the aging Control Panel, and into the cleaner Settings app. That includes Advanced Sharing settings, like Network Discovery and File/Printer Sharing. You’ll also see more details about your printers and scanners within the Settings app.

Source: engadget

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