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Why Does Positive Online Reputation Matter?

Positive Online Reputation

Do you already know what is said about your company on the Internet? If not, then it’s time to check. In this article, we will talk about how to manage your online reputation: how to create, maintain, or fix it if everything is bad.

Why Manage Your Online Reputation

Everybody knows that before buying, we always look at the reviews for the product, store, or service. And you probably refused a purchase at least once because you saw a bad review or could not find them at all. This shows how important a company’s online reputation is.

It is also essential for a company to know what customers think of it. If you regularly monitor your reputation on the Internet, you can find weaknesses in the product and customer service, due to which customers leave. Let’s take a closer look at the main reasons why every company needs reputation management.

Increase Brand Awareness

Building an online reputation is important for new companies that are just entering the market. It is better to start promoting your brand right away — don’t wait for reviews, go to the info field yourself.

Monitor all discussions that relate to your area, and join the dialogue with the mention of your company. Watch discussions on large platforms and look for forums on your topic. Publish releases about your work there or create your own blog.

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Work With Negative Comments

An online review can really convince a person to buy or not. Based on research from ReviewTrackers, 94% of users choose not to contact the company because of negative reviews. If this negative review is not handled in any way, it will still come out at the request “N+ reviews” and scare off potential customers. This means that your reputation on the Internet needs to be protected.

This does not mean that all negative comments should be removed. First, the overwhelming positiveness in the reviews looks suspicious. Second, by working with negativity, you show that you really care about your customers. After all, even in the best companies on the market, customers are unhappy, they just know how to solve problem situations.

Collect Feedback

Online reputation monitoring allows you to look at yourself from the outside: find out what customers think of you, what they consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Perhaps you can find some fresh thoughts and improve something. People love when their opinions are listened to. Thank them for the reviews, ask what they liked and didn’t like.

Company Reputation Management: How to Do It

The first way to manage online reputation is ORM. This is online reputation management across all possible channels: review sites, media, social networks, and so on.

The rest of the methods are part of the ORM, they solve more narrow problems. SERM, search engine reputation management in search results, that is, bringing sites with positive reviews to the first lines. HM, hidden marketing — the introduction of hidden brand agents into discussions under the guise of ordinary users.

ORM — Online Reputation Management

With the help of special services, the company is constantly looking for mentions of itself on the Internet. It protects reputation by handling negative reviews and supplying good ones and collects feedback to avoid future mistakes.

It is worth mentioning here the social media reputation management. An interesting phenomenon: by publishing a review, a person not only wants to share their experience with friends but also purposefully waits for a quick response from the company.

Feedback on social media also needs to be tracked and processed. First, a very large audience sees them. There are many more potential customers in it than on review sites, which are studied by people who are already targeting a purchase. Secondly, thanks to social networks, even those people who do not yet know about the existence of the company or the product itself will make an impression on you. Work with a reputation and they will learn about you in a positive context.