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Who is this B00TY Queen Lemo Lucia?

Lemo Lucia

Who is this B00TY Queen Lemo Lucia? Popularly known on Instagram and Facebook as Lemo Lucia, the Mzansi Socialite describes herself as Curvaceous, Assilicious, Beauteous.

Lemo Lucia
Ke phinyetsa kgakala man🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

As always I let the pictures tell the tale and I am sure you agree. But the question still stands who is this Lemo Lucia and why does she have almost 100K Followers on her Instagram.

Lemo Lucia
Yesss babe….

We know that she is a technician and that most of her posts on Instagram are shared from Midrand in South Africa…. Yes Miss B00TY QUEEN is a Technician, I have seen videos of her working heavy machinery!

Lemo Lucia

Whoever she is, this lady’s pictures are on point considering that she now has almost 100K followers on Instagram. Tell us what you think of Lemo Lucia. You can follow her on Instagram – @lemo_lucia.

Lemo Lucia
Saka jou shit. 💃💃😂😂😂

Watch this video of Lemo Lucia as she shakes that money maker!

What do you think?

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