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Here is what AKA will do if his album flops


The star submitted his album in full just a few days ago and got quite teary-eyed when he listened to it for the first time from start to finish.

With the countdown to the release of AKA’s last album Touch My Blood now shorter than some muso’s careers, the rapper has hit back at suggestions that it could turn out to be the flop of the year.


Now the attention turns to its release next month and whether it will be a commercial success.

It’s been on a few fans’ minds and one took to Twitter this week to claim that AKA is always being targeted for apparently not selling as much as other artists.

But in AKA’s mind, there is no doubt his next album is going to sell out faster than the magwenyas at the taxi rank. And he brought the slips to prove it.

Firstly, my last album went platinum.

He questioned how he could possibly flop while his last album Levels became the best selling English hip-hop album in the country. It was certified platinum by RiSA after more than 30,000 units were shipped.

Secondly, there is nothing in this life that I can achieve to satisfy those people you speak of.

AKA is a magnet for hate and told his followers that no matter what he does, he won’t be appreciated for his art by everyone. Whether it is the album art or auto-tune, they will always come up with excuses for why he is more Supa Flop than Supa Mega.

One thing nobody can take from me is my fan base and following

AKA has a whole tribe behind him, pushing his hustle and spreading the gospel of the Mega. He’s said before that with such a group of fans, he’s, in the words of the urban poet Kendrick Lamar, be alright!

Source: Times Live