Home Job Listings Warehouse Supervisor urgently wanted: Salary R20 000 per month

Warehouse Supervisor urgently wanted: Salary R20 000 per month

Warehouse Supervisor
Warehouse workers in Barcelona Spain. Made at a real location.

Warehouse Supervisor urgently wanted: Salary R20 000 per month

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
R20 000 a month

Warehouse Supervisor
Location: Coega, PE
Salary: R20k plus – Negotiable

The Warehouse Supervisor is responsible for the Stores & Receiving departments. He/she must: supervise the departments efficiently and effectively; implement pre-approved processes – consistent with IMS standards ; audit, inspect, maintain & continuously improve department processes ; maintaining stock control within Stores ; maximising the effective use of space, equipment and labour according to the Housekeeping and Health and Safety Policies ; ensuring customer satisfaction through timely picking and packing of high quality items for orders.

The Warehouse Supervisor is responsible for: consolidating and dispatching customers’ orders and supervising the fleet of vehicles including Pick-ups to Deliveries; dispatching goods timeously and safely, thereby ensuring that the customer’s requirements are met on time in an efficient and safe manner.

Responsibilities for Warehouse Supervisor

As Warehouse Supervisor, responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

Stock Control Management:

Ensure that all Stock core lines are identified and comprehensive stock & products lists are maintained for all stores on a regular basis
Ensure that Minimum, Maximum and re-order levels are continuously maintained, monitored and adjusted on a regular basis – added to Dave
Ensure that BIN cards are maintained and updated on a daily/order by order basis.
Ensure that a Bond Register Audit is being conducted in conjunction with the C&F/Purchasing Department at regular intervals on a monthly basis.
Bond Stores Stock must match the Bin and Stock cards with both matching the Bond register book.
Ensure physical Stock takes occur as and when required from Management

Stacking & Storage:
Ensure that the Stacking & Storage Procedures and Work Instructions are understood and followed at all times.
Ensure that Systems for Stock rotation are documented, implemented, maintained & improved taking into consideration expiry and production dates and product batches at all times.
Ensure that storage floor, racking & stacking plans are documented & maintained for all Stores regularly.
Ensure that the Stores Storage Plan contains unique BIN location reference numbers
Maintain neat storage in all Stores (inclusive of Refrigeration) at all times and that stock is packed neatly and in accordance with SHEQ requirements.
Ensure that all Product labeling complies with NSC’s Quality Requirements.

Obsolete & Non-Conforming Stock :

Inform Senior Management on a weekly basis
Isolate it in a Quarantine within the Stores (creating a quarantine area if one has not already been designated/allocated)
Is disposed/discarded in an Environmentally Safe manner with SHEQ requirements and procedures
Before being disposed/discarded, must be quantified and authorized and signed off by senior management for disposal
Carry out re-inspection & Sampling of stored products at regular scheduled intervals.

Order Processing:

Ensure that the process for distribution and allocation for the picking of orders is being followed
Ensure that the quality control order checking system is followed
Ensure that the Store team members are carrying out the correct Quality Control Checks throughout the entire picking process as per NSC’s requirements.
Ensure that Stores have final store quality checks conducted and signed off, prior to customers’ orders being sent through to dispatch.
Ensure that orders are prepared & checked timeously and in strict compliance with customer requirements.

Occupational Health & Safety:

Ensure that all NSC SHE procedures are familiarized, implemented, followed & Competency shown on a regular basis and/or as updated.
Ensure that all NSC SHE procedures and work instructions are communicated for all Provisions & Cabin Store team members.
Ensure that all staff are trained for all requisite NSC’s SHE requirements and are competent within their training.
Ensure that correct Occupational Health & Safety measures are exercised within all Stores.
Ensure that a Housekeeping policy is followed
Ensure that all Stores have cleaning schedules implemented.
Ensure that all requisite inspections are done in the correct frequency schedules as per NSC’s documented SHEQ requirements.
Store all stock in a manner which will prevent any incidents or accidents, abuse, misuse, damage or deterioration.
Ensure that daily safety inspections are being conducted throughout all stores managed.

Liaise with Storemen, Despatchers, Operations, and Management
Check clock cards and submit to General Manager for approval
Delegate work to different departments
Supervise subordinates (Drivers, Crew, Receiving and Despatch)
Liaise with management regarding delivery schedules
Ensure availability of vehicles, drivers and crew for deliveries
Ensure Health and Safety regulations and procedures are followed
Maintain a neat, hygienic and safe working environment
Assist fellow employees as needed
Assist Management as needed
Provide on-the-job training to any new Warehouse or Logistics employees

Personal Attributes:
Attention to detail
Ability to meet deadlines
Maintain a professional appearance at all times
Provide a positive company image to any persons directly involved with the company
Good attendance record
Committed to working ethics and a good team player
Good written and verbal communications skills

This job description is not all-inclusive. The employee may reasonably be requested to perform other duties when the need arises.
All employees are expected to be present and available for and during the stock takes. There will be a minimum of two stocktakes per annum. Employees will be notified in writing of the exact dates and times in advance. No leave will be considered during this period(s).
Employees will also not be allowed to take leave during the Christmas, New Year’s and Easter periods.

Normal working hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 – 17:15; Saturday 08:00 – 11:45. Apply Now

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