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Cosatu on warpath over public sector wage bill

Cosatu is on the warpath and says it will take the government to court if public servants are not paid their agreed increase on 1 April.

Treasury says its plan to review the public sector wage agreement could save the state R160-billion.

But the workers federation says it’s outraged by the review announcement – and has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to take charge and rein in his ministers.

Cosatu says it won’t be ambushed and will force the government to pay increases in April.

“They’ve implemented year one and year two, this is the last year. We expect it to be implemented. It’s a legal document. It’s enforceable. It enjoys the majority support from the bargaining council and if it’s not enforced we will apply for enforcement,” said deputy president Mike Shingange.

Shingange says Mboweni’s speech could spark rolling industrial action.

“What the minister did is actually to help all of the organized labour to mobilize themselves and prepare for war. Because this is a declaration of war,” he said.

The federation has called on the president to stamp his authority on the ANC and the government – and says ministers like Mboweni are out of line.

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