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Photos: #VuthelaChallenge breaks the internet

No doubt Mzansi is a trendsetter when it comes to challenges and it never ceases to amaze. Of late South Africa has made all sorts of headlines across the globe for its hilarious and crazy challenges.


One can talk about the John Vuli Gate challenge and the Jerusalema Challenge which thrust Master KG into a global sensation. In the wake of these challenges Mzansi had pulled up so many shockers when it comes to challenges but its recent challenge has set the internet ablaze.


The above image generated a lot of interest and comments. Especially the fact that there is actually no fire at all and the lady is blowing onto nothing. But the gents did not mind the angle and view.


It seems as if the man of the moment Uncle Vinny has been toppled from the trends by #VuthelaChallenge. There is never a shortage of content and entertainment in Mzansi streets. Hardly a few days go by without something trending.

South Africans quickly forgot about Uncle Vinny who trended over the weekend and jumped onto a new trend they are calling #VuthelaChallenge. The highly suggestive images of ladies blowing a fire have been circulating on social media.


Viral pictures of the challenge have since flooded social media platforms. However, some might have come across some images from the challenge. In the wake of the viral challenge, Savannanews has made a compilation of some of the most trending images from the challenge.


We can all agree that the viral images took social media by surprise. Check out some of the most inspiring images from the #VuthelaChallenge.

The challenge which has since gain traction has seen several people taking it headon and some of the viral challenge pictures has got Mzansi talking. Of intrest is the fact that the challenge is mainly for ladies as they will showing off what they got. We hope to see a host of celebrities taking on the challenge.

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So much so that he took Instagram to open up about the experience. Somgaga raised eyebrows when he said that that his next husband will be from Mthatha and told his followers to get their outfits ready for his wedding. Learn More

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