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Zodwa Wabantu responds to comments stating that her boyfriend Vusi Ngubane is a child

Zodwa Wabantu and Vusi

South African entertainer and businesswoman, Zodwa Wabantu, was not intimidated by social media users labelling her boyfriend, Vusi Ngubane, a child, and responded in the comments section of her Instagram post.

Zodwa Wabantu and her bae, Vusi

On Tuesday, 24 March 2020, Zodwa Wabantu posted the second video of her and her boyfriend, Vusi Ngubane, practising social distancing and spending time together. The video is relatively similar to a previous one she posted to encourage people to stay at home amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Zodwa Wabantu

However, the latest video was filled with comments from Instagram users stating that Vusi is a child, in an attempt to ridicule Zodwa for dating a younger man. Zodwa addressed the commentary, including one that suggested that he might be cheating on her with ladies his age.

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Hungani Ndlovu

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