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Bail ruling in VIP protection unit assualt case postponed

The suspects in the ‘blue light’ highway assault case will find out next Tuesday if they will be granted bail. Eight police officers linked to deputy president Paul Mashatile are accused of beating up citizens on the N1.

Crime expert at BizzTracers, Calvin Rafadi, says the National Prosecuting Authority should subpoena Sanral and legally obtain CCTV footage which can be used as evidence.

He said, “every vehicle in that unit has got a role. There is a vehicle that communicates with a helicopter, that is on standby. There is a vehicle that communicates with crime intelligence. Then there is another radio vehicle that communicates with the other vehicles.”

“Most of those guys wear earpieces, the reason they wear this is because they communicate amongst themselves.”

“They want to come to a point in court, that they were under threat, this particular vehicle was “threatening” them.”

“The main question is, there is video footage, and they need to bring it as evidence to court.”

“The witness who took the video, his life is threatened by smses. Where by now, NPA what they need to do, they need to subpoena Sanral.”

“If you zoom on that video, there is a white pole on the left. One can call it a CCTV camera which communicates with every other camera on the very same freeway. They must obtain that legally and perhaps use those Sanral CCTV cameras to see what transpired even prior to this incident that took place.”

Source: eNCA

In other news – Controversial businessman Edwin Sodi leaves ladies screaming – WATCH

Not so long ago, controversial Mzansi businessman and tenderpreneur, Edwin Sodi was slammed by Action SA for allegedly failing to refurbish and upgrade the Rooiwal Wastewater Treatment Plant after being awarded a R295 million tender to do so and this resulted in a deadly cholera outbreak in the area.

Controversial businessman Edwin Sodi leaves ladies screaming

Despite this, Edwin is currently trending on Twitter because of how ‘charismatic’ he is. A video of the millionaire businessman has left local ladies swooning as they discuss why high profile women like Kefi Mabote decided to associate themselves with him. Learn More