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Tables Turn: V Class Guy Who Kicked Slay Queen Out Of His Car Just Gets Embarrassed

Last week there was a trending video of a guy who kicks two girls out of his fancy car that people call V class. After the video went viral, the guy took it to social media and make a live video explaining what happened and why he kicked the ladies out of his car. As this was a trending issue, even the video of him explaining went viral all over social media, so literally the guy went viral.

In the video where he was kicking the ladies out of his car, he was swearing at them arg said “get out of my Fcken car. Now people call him Mr. Fcken car because of how he repeated the line over and over telling those ladies to get off his car. It is unfortunate that the lady didn’t share her side of the story on social media but according to the people who know her, she is a street girl.

Following all that, the guy made another video doing a promo, in the video he looked so confident and feeling himself, he even went on to call himself “Mr Fcken car”.

After posting video many people were so enraged and disguised by how he’s full of himself and call call himself Mr Fcken car, it looked as if he’s proud of what he did to those ladies. Following all that he was grilled and called names, some even went on to say he was lying when he said he didn’t post that video because he looked so proud, see some of the grilling comments from social media:


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