Uzalo breaks TV record

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) said on Tuesday that they were delighted with the performance of one of its flagship television programmes Uzalo which recently became the most watched programme in South African history.

The public broadcaster says it is confident that the programme is in line with its strategy of growing audiences.

Group executive for television Nomsa Philiso said: “The partnership with Stained Glass Productions is one that keeps exceeding all expectations.


“We are confident that the programme is in line with our strategy of growing audiences, and meeting the needs and expectations of the South African public by delivering on our public service mandate.”

SABC said at the end of September 2018 Uzalo, which is currently being broadcast on SABC1, had broken all records in the history of television viewing in South Africa, by reaching a total of 10.2 million viewers which made Uzalo the most watched television programme by far.


“The SABC remains committed to telling our own stories and delivering on content that continues to educate, entertain, and inform our audiences.”

Source: The Citizen