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US Singer Nilla Allin Turns SA word “v**tsek” Into A Song After Cape Town Visit

American singer creates a song with South Africa’s popular slang. US singer, Nilla Allin turns the South African word “v**tsek” into a song.

Nilla Allin

The American Tik Toker said she obliged to a request of a social media follower who wanted a song with the aforementioned title. A preview of the song on social media has garnered over 200 000 views.

The content creator said it’s a way of appreciating her fans and she also learned the word while in Cape Town, which turns out to be a favorite.

Nilla Allin

“South Africa showed me much love so I had to return the favor and reciprocate the energy on this next project. I met many genuine people and had so much love. Thank you to everyone who showed me so much love. I will forever hold you in my heart,” she said.


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Miss XO

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