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US celebs re-ignite the #MuteRKelly

US celebs re-ignite the #MuteRKelly. The call for R Kelly to be “muted” is not new, however, it has resurfaced with help of the call by the Times Up’s campaign, which gained momentum and attracted a lot of support from big names.

US stars have joined the #MuteRKelly movement which has been reignited by the Times Up campaign, resulting in one of his shows being cancelled.


R. Kelly has been accused of s.e.xual relationships with minors going back to 1994 when he married the then 15-year-old pop star, Aaliyah.

According to Vox, in the 24 years since then, Kelly has been sued multiple times for inappropriate s.e.xual contact with a minor, where he settled out of court every time. He was also charged with creating child pornography, but a jury found him not guilty on the grounds that they could not conclusively identify the other figure in his infamous s.e.x tape as a child.

The campaign wants his shows to be cancelled, his contracts terminated and the allegations levelled against him “properly” investigated.

Throughout his career, the singer has avoided the claims and denied the allegations that he ran a s.e.x cult with young girls he allegedly keeps as prisoners in his house.

US stars such as John Legend, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington and Lupita Nyong’o are among many that support the movement against him.


Ironically, according to a statement from R Kelly’s team, he allegedly also supports the #TimesUp pro-women movement.

He also shared a video in response to the hashtag that caught fire on social media.

Source: Times Live

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