VIDEO: Man caught cheating; jumps a high unlocked gate [email protected] as Wife chases him

A video of a man running away from his wife after he was caught with another woman is trending on the internet. In the video, the man flees from his wife and even an unlocked fearing for what would happen if he was to get caught.

The wife then opens the gate ad follows the man. The identities of the couple are unknown. Men never learn for sure. Many videos of men being disciplined by the husbands of their lovers are always trending week in week out.

The public is not surprised by the man’s decision to run for his life because what usually follows is not funny. Cheating is one thing people can’t stop and the public confirms. Reacting to the video, people say lots of things but seem to be supporting the woman who looks like she wants to grab the husband’s privates whilst he tries to jump the gate.

Watch the VIDEO here

Here are some of the comments from the public:

“She must have grabbed those [email protected]#ls men really us women.”

“The gate is even unlocked…lol..he was scared…I think she beats him lol”

“This video is really funny aaah…Mzansi is the best country.”

No matter how funny the video is, being the victim of cheating is not easy. We have seen women and men reacting in very weird ways after they find out they are being cheated on. Just recently a video of a woman pouring anything she could touch on her boyfriend’s bed was circulating on Facebook.

Others have gone to extent of crashing their partner’s car. They unwise assault their partners but violence is never the solution. Experts suggest moving away from the environment and take some time out to calm down and not deal with the issues in anger.


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