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Uber Eats vs Mr D Food – Which is the cheapest food delivery app in South Africa

Uber Eats and Mr D Food

The two biggest food delivery platforms in South Africa are Uber Eats and Mr D Food, each of which offers a large selection of restaurants and charges their own delivery and service fees.

These applications partner with restaurants to facilitate deliveries to customers within a certain area. Food is delivered by driver-partners who use the app to choose when to accept deliveries and in which areas to operate.

Uber Eats charges a variable delivery fee depending on how far away your location is from your restaurant of choice, while Mr D food adds a fixed service fee to each order.

To determine which of these applications was cheaper for South Africans to use, we compared the delivery pricing for a variety of meals from a selection of popular restaurants.

Uber Eats and Mr D Food

We used a central location in Johannesburg as our benchmark delivery point, selecting the closest restaurants to simulate a realistic scenario.

The delivery or service fee charged by Uber Eats and Mr D Food was noted and included in the price of each order.

This provides a realistic comparison of the total cost for ordering each menu item. We did not include the tip amount, although it is important to note that both uber Eats and Mr D Food allow you to tip delivery drivers.

Below are the results of the comparison.

Delivery Fee:

Uber Eats – R3
Mr D Food – R5

Menu Item Mr D Food Uber Eats
Big Mac R47.90 R46.43
McChicken Meal R51.90 R52.94
Quarter Pounder with Cheese R58.90 R58.82
Big Mac Meal R59.90 R55.15
McFeast Spicy Meal R103 R93.41
Beef Sharebag R231.90 R218.04
Chicken Sharebag R231.90 R220.04
Average Price R112.20 R106.40



Delivery Fee:

  • Uber Eats – R6
  • Mr D Food – R5
Menu Item Mr D Food Uber Eats
Classic Margherita R69.90 R74.15
Four Seasons R99.90 R105.65
Club R114.90 R121.40
Tikka Chicken R119.90 R126.65
Crammed-Crust Meat R154.90 R163.40
Double Crammed-Crust Chicken R164.90 R173.90
Triple-Decker Creamy Chicken R174.90 R184.40
Average Price R128.47 R135.65

Mugg & Bean

Delivery Fee:

    • Uber Eats – R3
    • Mr D Food – R5

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