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Twitter thinks Sis’Ouma’s negativity is too much on #SkeemSaam

Just when Skeem Saam fans thought that Sis’Ouma was finally fighting for Koloi instead of against him, she convinced them that she’s just bitter and taking it out on the poor boy.

Everyone remembers that Sis’ Ouma wasn’t happy to step in as a caregiver to Koloi and his siblings, and they’ve watched her over the past couple of months as she made an already tough transition even more difficult.


Even though she is present in their lives, she might as well not be. After her attempt to send them away failed, she still went out of her way to treat them, especially Koloi, like worthless dirt.

Since she found out that Koloi wanted to be a jewellery designer, she’s been breathing down his neck for him to apply at a university for a “proper” course.

On Wednesday night, she insisted that if Koloi had no interest in going to varsity, like she suggested, he was going to be forced to apply for a security post, so he can be just like her.

Tweeps were proud of Koloi when he finally told Ouma that he was old enough to take his future into his own hands, and that he was tired of her negativity.

Tweeps believe in Koloi’s dreams and just wish that Sis’Ouma also felt the same. Check out their reactions below.

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