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Twitter makes Communities feature available to Android users

Twitter Communities rolled out to Android users around the globe, the social media company announced on Wednesday, 19 January 2022.

The feature made it to Google’s mobile operating system more than four months after rolling out on iOS devices. It allows Twitter users to post to a specific group with similar interests rather than their entire following.

“When you join a Community, you can Tweet directly to that group instead of to all your followers,” Twitter said in a blog post. Only members in the same Community are able to reply and join the conversation so it stays intimate and relevant.

The feature is still in a beta-testing phase, but there are already communities focused on cryptocurrency, genre’s of music such as R&B, and Xbox gaming, to name a few. The communities feature began its testing on iOS in September 2021.

Twitter plans to make several enhancements to the community feature in 2022.

Source: mybroadband

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