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I want to see things changing – Tsvangirai

Newly-elected legislator for Glen View South National Assembly constituency, Vincent Tsvangirai, says the desire to alter the country’s violent political landscape and to finish what her sister started pushed him into joining politics.

Vincent (24) is the son of the late MDC founding president Morgan Tsvangirai and brother to Vimbai Tsvangirai Java, the late former Glen View South MP.

In an interview with Open Parly, Tsvangirai asserted that he wants to see things changing. He said:

So the reason I entered into politics was a culmination of all these years of seeing people who were beaten, people with machete wounds on their heads, coming home bleeding and also the death of my sister. So there was also that part of me that was like I want to finish off what she had started in Glen View.

So it was a culmination of seeing my sister what she did and also growing up what we had seen I want to change the political landscape because I don’t think going forward especially for my generation and a lot of generations behind me we can’t have the situation keep going on like this because we will waste more generations if we keep going on in the situation that we have in Zimbabwe so that is what prompted me to take up the challenge and to also stand for the people of Glen View South. I want to see things changing.

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Lalla Hirayama

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Source: MbareTimes

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