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Donald Trump reminds me of an African dictator – Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

Speaking on CNN’s Reliable Sources recently, Trevor gave his thoughts on Trump’s presidency so far.

Trevor Noah takes more swipes at US president Donald Trump than a singleton swipe looking for love on Tinder, and his latest shot was suggesting Trump’s money trail is starting to look a lot like an African dictator’s.

Trevor Noah

Trevor said he wasn’t surprised by the money controversies swarming around those close to Donnie at the moment because he had always thought Trump and African dictators were in the same WhatsApp group.

“I’ve said from the very beginning that Donald Trump reminds me of an African dictator and if you know anything about African dictators, the first thing that you have to do is follow the money and you follow the money with the closest people to them,” he said.

When Trump first ran for office three years ago, Trevor said he thought Donnie might make for a better African leader than an American one.

Comparing Zuma to Trump in an interview last year, the comedian explained some of the similarities between the president and corrupt African leaders.

“He loves himself, he believes that only he can fix the problems and he speaks in the third person. I mean, he’s the first African dictator to use Twitter,” he said.

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