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Siya Kolisi reveals how he and his wife Rachel treat each other when sleeping

Siya and Rachel Kolisi

South Africans live for the Kolisi family and their adorable posts on social media; this time Siya took the reigns and uploaded a post about him and Rachel. The post contains a picture of Rachel taken by Siya and a video of Siya sleeping taken by Rachel and hubby said he doesn’t bother her while she sleeps. Mzansi Instagrammers took to the comment section to express their love for the Kolisis.

We all enjoy a good love story, something that’s real and not always the cutest, and the Kolisis are just that. In a recent post on social media, Springbok captain Siya Kolisi shared how real his married life is.

Kolisi took to Instagram with a picture and a video. The picture shows his gorgeous wife Rachel, sleeping peacefully (and looking as beautiful as ever) while the video shows what Rachel does when he’s asleep.

Rachel took a rather unflattering video of Siya trying to get comfortable while he slept. Part of the caption read: “Look how peaceful @rachel_kolisi sleeps, I don’t bother her or anything!

Rachel Sleeping:

Rachel Kolisi

Siya Sleeping:


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