Trash inspired designs blows Twitter away #ProjectRunawaySA: Memes

Trash inspired designs blows Twitter away #ProjectRunawaySA: Memes. There is always so much at stake when the blossoming designers on Project Runway are tasked to bring their best to the table and this week, they took things up a notch.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything where fashion and style is concerned, Project Runway makes its contestants design garments from trash… and the trash- inspired dresses blew Twitter away.

Project Runaway

The designers had to create high-quality and authentic garments from recycled goods. The “go green” task overwhelmed most of them when they began but man, did it push out their brilliance!

The garments that the reality show’s contestants created were breathtaking but Twitter quickly found their faves. Here’s the top three.

Trash? What trash? This dress looks nothing like the trash it was made from…

And how about this design? The creativity was insane!

And how gorgeous was the winning garment?

Twitter is just happy about the creativity the show has exposed them to…


Source: Times Live


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