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Municipal tractor driver in Ekurhuleni arrested for drunken driving

Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) has arrested a 53-year-old City of Ekurhuleni employee for driving a municipal tractor while under the influence of alcohol in the Tsakane area.

EMPD spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Kelebogile Thepa said officers spotted the tractor moving “suspiciously slow”, before they stopped it and inspected the driver.

“On Friday, at about 5.30 pm, members of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department Tsakane precinct arrested a 53-year-old African male suspect of driving while under the influence of alcohol in the Tsakane area,” said Thepa.

“While performing crime prevention and law enforcement on Black Road, members spotted a blue tractor moving suspiciously slow. Officers instructed the driver of the vehicle to stop and be inspected. After a brief interview with the driver, the inspected vehicle was discovered to be a City of Ekurhuleni council-issued vehicle deployed in the Springs area.

“It was further apparent that the driver, who is an employee of the city, had a strong odour of alcohol,” said Thepa.

The driver was immediately taken to the Tsakane police station, where the EMPD said a blood sample was drawn by a registered nurse. The 53-year-old African male suspect was placed under arrest and detained at the Tsakane police station.

“The EMPD has zero tolerance for lawbreakers in the City of Ekurhuleni. Officers are commended for their outstanding work, ensuring that council resources intended for service delivery were not used as instruments in the commission of a crime,” said Thepa.

Last month, a 39-year-old man was arrested for allegedly driving a City of Ekurhuleni municipal vehicle without consent.

At the time, EMPD said additional charges could be added as the arrested man was living with a disability, and his driver’s licence limits him to drive automatic vehicles only – but he was found driving a manual transmission Nissan bakkie belonging to Ekurhuleni Municipality.

“On Thursday, February 16, at 8pm, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department’s community liaison unit arrested a 39-year-old male for using a municipal vehicle that belonged to the roads and stormwater department without consent,” EMPD spokesperson Lerato Monyane narrated.

“The officers, who were conducting their duties, spotted a white Nissan pick-up bakkie driving unsteadily and instructed the vehicle to stop at the corner of Kingsway and Orpiment Avenue in Springs.

“When the bakkie came to a halt, the officers approached the vehicle and discovered that it was a council-issued vehicle. They then asked the driver which department of Ekurhuleni he was working in. The driver could not reply and they then asked him who the passenger in the vehicle was as he was not supposed to give lifts to anyone except the Ekurhuleni employees,” said Monyane.

She said the driver could not tell the police about his passenger and he was then instructed to drive the vehicle to the EMPD Training Academy, escorted by the officers, for further interrogation.

“On arrival at the academy the driver asked to call his wife and climbed out of the vehicle. It was then discovered that the driver had only one leg and was using crutches to walk.

“He further explained that he did not work for the City of Ekurhuleni, stating that he was self-employed and the vehicle belonged to his wife, who is an employee of the City of Ekurhuleni,” said Monyane.

The man’s wife came to the scene and confirmed that she was indeed employed by the City of Ekurhuleni.


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