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Five touching moments from Somizi & Mohale’s white wedding

It is sad that it came to an end when we just expected more and more episodes from the amazing show. No wonder why they say, ‘nothing lasts forever’.

Fans got an intimate and emotional look at Somizi and Mohale’s white wedding when their TV special ended on Monday night with a front-row seat to the ceremony.

The couple tied the knot in January, surrounded by close friends and family, and kept the cameras on for their Showmax wedding special, Somizi & Mohale: The Union.

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung white wedding

The four-part series’ finale aired on Monday and featured several tear-jerking moments.

Here are the top five:


Somizi’s mother was not well and the star admitted that they nearly “lost her” to a heart attack days before the wedding.

So to see her as Somizi prepared to walk down the aisle was emotional.

“Thank you for coming. I wouldn’t have gone through with today with such a huge wedding without you,” Somizi told her.

Ma Twala just laughed and thanked God for allowing her to see her son get married.

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung white wedding


Somizi also couldn’t hold back the tears as he stood in a mirror looking at himself and his mother together.

He managed to blurt out, “thank you”, as Ma Mary sat with tears in her eyes, clinging to a blanket over her knees in her wheelchair.

“When my mother came and watched me, it was like I was being watched by an angel that no-one else could see but myself,” Somizi said of the moment.


Somizi and Mohale are nearly inseparable and had fans deep in their feels when they FaceTimed while Mohale was in the bath.

Somizi said he was happy to just see Mohale and encouraged him to stay strong.

The sweetest moment was when they whispered love messages to each other.

“I love you. I’ll see you at the altar,” Mohale said.

Somizi and Mohale white wedding


Mohale’s mother bestowed a powerful prayer of protection and prosperity on the couple before the ceremony that pulsated through the room.

Everyone stood in a circle with their heads bowed and eyes closed, listening to her words.

“This day was written in heaven, my God. Father, we thank you for our children. Bless Mohale and Somizi today. You are our director, protector and problem-solver, my God.”


Somizi is one of the most energetic celebs in Mzansi, but few have seen him cry.

Fans got a glimpse, though, when he walked down the aisle towards Mohale and sobbed. His groom also couldn’t hold back the tears, turning his head upward to try to keep them in.

Reflecting on the moment, Mohale wrote on Instagram that he had promised himself he would not cry on his wedding day.

“I, however, couldn’t contain myself when I saw hubby approaching the alter. It really reminded me of how much it took for us to get to where we are today. It was never an easy journey — it never will be, but I am grateful that I am walking in it wholeheartedly.”

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