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Twitter in love with today’s Wedding #OurPerfectWedding


You know when the relationship is fairly new and you can’t wait to introduce your partner to your family?

All you wish for is for your family to accept them and be happy for the both of you, right? Well, that wasn’t the case for Hope. Her mother was totally against her relationship with Bridget at first. Luckily, Hope’s aunt was able to convince the mom and slowly, she came around.

Hope and Bridget met at the annual gay pride parade in 2013. They were both in relationships at that time. Hope thinks it was her dance moves that captured Bridget’s eye. Bridget wasted no time. She approached Hope and at some point they kissed.


Hope was scared to tell her family about the relationship, at first. Her aunt was the only family member she could speak to about her relationship and when she finally told her mom, she was livid!


Bridget proposed while on their way back from the mall. Hope didn’t think she was serious at first, but she soon realized Bridget was serious and she was very excited. Bridget says her father was very happy when she told him she was getting married to Hope.

Tonight, they invite you to share their special day with them.

Source: Twitter

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