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Dros rape survivor to testify at trial

Dros Rapist

The young survivor in the Dros r@pe case will be testifying on Wednesday. The North Gauteng High Court has already heard from three witnesses, as well as the accused, Nicholas Ninow. Two women, employed at the restaurant, told their version of events from the day on Tuesday.

Minister of Sport and Recreation Tokozile Xasa attended the day in court and said, “our nation as a country, it really protects the r@pe victim.

Dros restaurant in Pretoria

“The victim who is the rapist who has pleaded guilty on raping the little girl is sitting there smiling to the parents, making all gestures so that the media can see, you know, that he’s looking good,” she said. The state will be presenting their two final witnesses, the eight-year-old survivor and her mother.

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Jacob Zuma

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