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WATCH: Kuli Roberts knew her time was close?

The country is in disbelief after news of media personality and entertainment journalist, Kuli Roberts‘ untimely passing. The actress and TV host was active on social media a few hours before the shocking news gained momentum.

While we are all waiting for the family to release a statement and possibly announce the cause of death, we feel obliged to share how Kuli said she wanted to be remembered when she leaves this earth.

Be warned though, you might want to grab tissues, because the woman was so dedicated to having other people live comfortable lives, that she said she does not want to remembered for anything.

In her interview on Podcast And Chill With MacG, Kuli Roberts was asked how she wants to be remembered when she passes away. Kuli gave a very touching response where she asks her fans to not remember her for anything, but they should all just be good to one another.

“I don’t want to be remembered. I want you guys to just look after each other. I want you to look out for the people that are downtrodden and are still downtrodden on. I need you to look after people with albinism, I want you to look after the people in the LGBTQI community, I need you to look after black people, I need you to stop insulting black people and saying ‘black people can’t swim’, because remember we were the ones saving the sailors when we were settling on this continent. So I need you to please uplift black people. Love yourself, and Ubuntu.

“This whole thing of showing off money and materialism and standing on Cassper while others are poor, nobody is impressed. You might think they are, but they are not. Ubuntu is the most important.”


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