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Thuli Phongolo says she has got hot sauce in her bag… swag

Thuli Phongolo says she has got hot sauce in her bag… swag. Charismatic, s.ex.y and fearless are the three things that registered the first time I met actress Thulisile Phongolo two-and-a-half years ago. It was at the Bon Hotel Riviera on Vaal in Vereeniging, south of Johannesburg, overlooking the striking Vaal River scenery.

The star who has been enjoying her newfound career as a Club DJ is back and she is causing chaos on social media. Her latest post on her Instagram has had her fans go haywire.

This is why we will always love her. She is a free-spirited woman and she is not afraid to do anything. She even tries new things whether scary or not risky or whatever. She has just served pictures that will support my point of why l will always fall in love with her.

The star who has since turned to be a DJ after spending more than 2 years on Generations: The Legacy recently posted a picture that had our heads spinning. When asked about life after Generations, Thuli, who is famously known as Namhla (the name of her character) said on Power FM: “I’m a DJ. I did take on that DJ part while I was on Generations. So that’s my main focus now, music, and I’m really loving it, and obviously, I see more growth within the music industry and I would like to explore it more.

She is serving hot sauce and you better see it for your self, the star is literally on fire. She has just revealed how she maintains to always look hot and stunning whenever she posts pictures or appear on red carpets events…

Thuli Phongolo

I’ve got hot sauce in my bag… swag.

Thuli Phongolo

Less is more… 🤷‍♀️

Thuli Phongolo

UNOMOYA!!! 💨 | @theofficialpandora #pandorareflexions launch 💎

Thuli Phongolo

I’m just here trying to give myself everything I deserve… 🙌

Thuli Phongolo

… a fish that swims differently. A need 😍

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