Twitter thinks Thato deserve this price #IdolsSA #idolsthato

Last week, our Idols took their performances to new heights thanks to elaborate production and spectacular choreo much to the delight of everyone watching. It’s no wonder therefore that expectations will be running high when they hit the stage again. This time, however, they’ll need to command people’s attention all alone yet deliver the same thrill-factor. Here are all the marks we think they’ll need to hit to steal the show.


Every brilliant performance starts with preparedness and sound knowledge of the music. Living in the digital age has made this even easier because the most memorable performances of all time are a meer search away. From Whitney’s stunning riffs to Beyonce’s burlesque inspired routines, taking a closer look at different performance styles is a great way to pick up on certain core attributes that make an entertainer unforgattable. As Michael Jackson put it.








Source: Twitter

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