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This is what you need to know about the Major update coming to DStv Now


MultiChoice has announced it will roll out a major one-time update for its DStv Now application.

This update may cause temporary issues with the platform once it is rolled out, and DStv said these changes are necessary to improve the quality of DStv Now.

“We’ll soon be updating DStv Now and it might temporarily affect your app experience,” MultiChoice said.

“This is a one-time update which is necessary to improve the quality of DStv Now. It won’t negatively affect your DStv Now experience at all in the future.”

“You’ll still be able to download and watch your favourite shows, on the go, on your DStv Now app after the update,” the company said.


However, MultiChoice did advise customers that their downloaded shows will expire on the following dates for Android and iOS users:

iOS – 20 September
Android – 29 September
“If you have unwatched shows sitting in your DStv Now app downloads, after the update process, your downloads might not all be visible,” MultiChoice said.

It told customers they should make sure to watch all of their downloads before the abovementioned dates.

There is currently no information available on what features will be enabled through the rollout of this major update for the DStv Now mobile app.

New DStv offerings
It is unclear whether this DStv Now update is related to the recently-announced standalone DStv streaming service which is set to roll out this year.

This offering will allow customers to sign up for DStv bouquets without a satellite installation – instead, they will be able to stream all of the content available on DStv through the company’s new Explora Ultra decoder.

MultiChoice previously stated that it had signed a deal to include Netflix and Amazon Prime Video’s applications on its platform.

These services were planned to be included within the DStv Explora Ultra’s content selection.

However, the deal is under investigation by the Competition Commission and these services were not mentioned during the announcement of the new decoder.

The newly-launched DStv standalone streaming service will be accessible through the DStv app across a variety of platforms, and new customers will be able to sign up for this service with no satellite connection necessary.

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