Thickleeyonce shares the scary story of an ex who threatened to kill her

Thickleeyonce has taken to the timeline to share a chilling story of an ex-boyfriend who repeatedly threatened to murder her, before she managed to escape. In the aftermath of Uyinene Mrwetyana’s gruesome murder, South African women (and a number of men) have used their collective voice to speak out against the scourge of femicide and gender-based violence in the country. Uyinene’s death was not only tragic, but particularly angering for many who feel that not enough is being done to protect women from sexual assault, murder and other violent crimes.


Her death has also inspired the hashtag, #AmINext, a social movement which has publicly questioned if all women are effectively walking targets in South Africa. The hashtag has also inspired discussion and dialogue on the timeline, in a bid to warn other women of the dangers they face, even in their own relationship.


Influencer Thickleeyonce opened up about one of her most traumatic experiences, using the hashtag. The model and body-positive activist wrote about a man she recently dated and highlighted how unsafe she felt when he threatened to kill her, a number of times.

She began the story by saying, “I broke up with my recent ex cos he told me “he’d kill me and no one would find my body” he had said this to me several times but something about how he grabbed my hand that last night I spent with him and how said it confidently that made me believe him. Men are scary.


The #AmINext movement has picked up a lot of momentum in the space of 24 hours and Thickleeyonce’s testimony is just one of many stories that have dominated our timelines
An account named @AmINext_SA launched in the late hours of Monday evening and has dedicated itself to naming and shaming accused rapists (while protecting the identity of the accusers). While the conduct of the account has come into question, its existence, along with the many bone-chilling stories, such as Thickleeyonce’s, all combine to confirm one thing: the violence against women and girls needs to be dealt with once and for all. Do you believe that movements like #AmINext and stories such as these will change the country for the better?

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