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They make a good couple Lady Zamar and her new bae

Lady Zamar and her new Bae

Lady Zamar caused a stir on social media after posting a selfie of herself with a hunky man. Sharp shooter,” she captioned the image on Twitter. While many believe the man in the image is one of the models cast for her Sharp Shooter video, some of her followers believe he is the new man in her life.

Lady Zamar

It didn’t help that Lady Zamar shared several pictures of the same man on her Instagram stories. One image was captioned, “MCE” – which means ‘my crush every day’.

Lady Zamar

Zamar shared lovely snaps of herself with an unknown man who’s identity is yet to be revealed and many assumed it was just a photoshoot with a mere man but the caption got eyes popping. The two appeared to be so close and all mushy in the snaps captioned by Zamar as – “My heart ruler” with a red emoji attached to it.

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Dr Malinga

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