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These are the Big changes coming to Windows 10

Microsoft is expected to make significant changes to Windows 10 in the near future, according to a new Windows build.

The company recently published Windows 10 Build 20197 to Windows Insiders within the program’s development channel and highlighted changes that are coming to disk management.

These changes, if they go through, will make it much easier for users to manage their disks and partition volumes.

“We mentioned we had more Settings work on the way, and here’s the next one – as of today’s build you’ll now be able to manage your disks and volumes from within the Settings app,” explained Windows Insider senior program manager Brandon LeBlanc.

“This includes tasks such as viewing disk information, creating and formatting volumes, and assigning drive letters.

A support document has also detailed how Microsoft is testing a number of new features that relate to the Windows 10 user interface.

Windows 10

References in Microsoft’s latest build suggest that the Windows 10 Start Menu and Action Centre may be allowed to use components from WinUI moving forward.

WinUI is an advanced user interface that can be used to build Windows apps, with the latest version expanding to become a fully-fledged standalone UI framework.

It offers fluent UI controls and fluent design styling that can be used across devices, hardware, and inputs.

Evidence that Microsoft is planning this change is visible in Microsoft Program Database files found within the build, which show new features being tested called WinUIOnDesktop, WinUIDesktopActionCenter, and WinUIDesktopStartMenu.

“By incorporating the Fluent Design System into all experiences, controls, and styles, WinUI provides consistent, intuitive, and accessible experiences using the latest user interface (UI) patterns,” explains the support document.

Microsoft also provided feedback to developers on how they can leverage the new framework in the support document.

“With support for both desktop and UWP apps, you can build with WinUI from the ground up, or gradually migrate your existing MFC, WinForms, or WPF apps using familiar languages such as C++, C#, Visual Basic, and Javascript (via React Native for Windows).

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