#TheQueenMzansi: Kamina’s dressing was on point last night

#TheQueenMzansi: Kamina’s dressing was on point last night. We can’t help but admire how gorgeous Kamina looked in her white gown.

As we patiently wait to see the drama unfold in Kagiso and Kamina’s wedding which began airing on Wednesday night on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen. Kamina The Queen

The thought of Kagiso marrying Kamina does not settle well with many of us, but the woman has played her cards right and here we are, watching her stir up trouble with Diamond, all in the name of revenge. Poor Kagiso, if only he knew what he’s getting himself into.

Kamina The Queen

Although Kamina is hating her double life and thinks Kagiso is a total idiot, we can’t help but also get excited at how painful her demise will be as soon as the Khoza family finally figure out what she’s all about.

Kamina The Queen

We all know that whoever, or anyone who messes with any of the Khozas is bound to find themselves six feet underground. Remember how they got rid of Kea’s abusive lover, Tebogo, played by Fezile Makhanya?

But anyway, besides our deep dislike towards Kamina, she looked gorgeous last night. And, as much as we hate to admit it, it’s the truth. Here is what Twitter had to say:



Let’s also applaud Michelle Mosalakae for playing such a convincing role. Her Kamina character is yet another reason why she keeps appearing on these Mzansi Magic shows.

Michelle Mosalakae

You know you’re doing an outstanding job when people start making memes of your character. Michelle, we love you but Kamina has gotsta go!


Source: ZAlebs