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Twitter can’t believe Thembeka Shezi is not the villain they thought she was

Thembeka Shezi

After watching Thembeka manipulate and con her way out of many different situations over the years, Scandal! viewers can’t believe they are “finally” watching her get outsmarted by Romeo.

Thandeka (played Masasa Mbangeni) is one of TV’s most loved (or hated) villains and has held that title for a while. However, the current storyline on the drama has seen the rise of a the new master planner and starring, Romeo (played by Hungani Ndlovu).

Masasa Mbangeni

While fans are undoubtedly fascinated and entertained by a storyline that features Thandeka as a anything weaker than the ruthless monster they’ve come to know and love her as, others are concerned about the character losing it’s “street cred”.

Masasa Mbangeni

It’s all good and well to watch the rise of Romeo’s brilliance and skills as protagonist but fans low-key have a problem with Thandeka losing. So they find themselves in a dilemma, because they want to root for the underdog but they don’t want to face the fact that Thandeka may not be the ghel she thinks she is!

Here are some of the reactions below.

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