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Themba Broly Ignores His Newborn Baby With A Vacation to Mozambique?

Big Brother Mzansi’s last season gave a number of couples that left together when the season came to an end. One in particular that had an avid fan-following was the winner Mpho Wabadimo and runner-up Themba Broly. For months after the latest season ended, the two served “couples goals.”

However, it was alleged that as Mpho’s winnings seemed to diminish, so did Themba Broly’s presence in her life. As reported:

Themba Broly

On Tik Tok, there has been a video that has been circulated of Mpho promoting that her apartment is currently on sale. Firstly, she attributed the decision to the fact that she cannot walk up the stairs as easily due to her pregnancy. However, she then explained in full when she stated that:

“And secondly, I’m single again! So this place has become a keeper of memories I want to leave behind… I’m moving to a new place, and I’m moving closer to the Eastrand because also, uhm, I went to the doctor the other day and they found out that I have a bit of a complication with my pregnancy and that has been a fluke. So I need to be as close to home so that if anything happens to me I have somebody to assist me…”

Themba Broly

Mpho’s last sentiments suggest that Themba is not present. A fact that has resulted in some social media users having an, “I told you so” moment. This is because Mpho during her happier days with Themba was believed to have been arrogant as the two were set to get married.

Now, it seems that Themba Broly is continuing not to beat the allegations of being a deadbeat father given his recent antics. Themba Broly vacations in Mozambique, blue-ticking newborn’s birth?

Themba Broly

While it has been unconfirmed, it seems that there are reports that Mpho Wabadimo has given birth. This comes as she has all but archived all her past posts on social media and her Instagram stories do not feature her recently. As such, it seems her followers are led to believe that Mpho has given birth.

Therefore, Themba has shared that he is currently vacationing in Mozambique with his friends. This fact, through his stories, seems to show that he is having the time of his life.

As such, tweeps have taken to social media to call out Themba for being a deadbeat for opting to miss out on being present for the birth of his youngest child to vacation with the boys..


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