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SA podcaster MacG breathes fire – Tells Thando Thabethe about her n#des, reveals why she was fired from radio

Popular podcaster MacG is pissed and ready to take down each and every celebrity who joined forces in dragging their ‘Podcast And Chill With MacG’. This after they got dragged for their homophobic slurs on their previous episodes which saw one of their big promoters Old Mutual to pull their sponsorship.

The outrage did not only come from the LGBTQI community, but it came from a number of celebrities as well who decided to cancel MacG. During their latest episode, MacG, The Ghost Lady, and Solphenduka sat down and dissected the previous week’s events and it was not pretty. MacG came for all the celebrities for their ‘fake and selective outrage’ accusing them of being two faced. He pointed out that most celebrities jump on certain issues because they want to trend but on matters such as gender-based violence and rape, they are nowhere to be seen.

We started with nothing, we didn’t ask for money for any favours. We started our own sh*t (in) our own lane, dong our own thing and we don’t promote violence, we not killing people we have done over 200 episodes (but) one mistake, over 200 episodes. When we hired 30 young black people during a pandemic did that trend? When people are getting fired,” said a very pissed MacG.

Thando Thabethe also caught punches for her tweet where she said she wish she could have unseen that episode where MacG dissed the homosexuals. He took it even further by dissing her podcast saying her subscribers do not match up to theirs so she should just take several seats.

These celebrities jump on because they just want to trend. I mean f**ken Thando Thabooty what the f**k is she doing? I ran across her podcast numbers the other day I wish I could have unseen those numbers, they are horrible. Black Friday does better.”

It just shows nobody wants to hear what she has got to say, just take your nudes and post them on Instagram. That’s why 5FM demoted her to graveyard, they saw her that she is a scam.”

Thando Thabethe had no words but just laughed it off.


In other news – This is how much actress Larona Moagi (Tumi) was allegedly being paid at The River

Mzansi star Larona Moagi’s journey on 1 Magic’s The River ended in spectacular fashion on the season finale of season 3. Her character, Tumi was killed by Lindiwe Dlamini played by Sindi Dlathu when Lindiwe shot down the helicopter Tumi was in.

Larona Moagi

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