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Teachers employed by SGBs could receive no salaries if parents don’t pay


Thousands of teachers that are employed by School Governing Bodies may not get salaries if parents don’t pay school fees. This non-payment could severely hamper the education department’s efforts to salvage the academic year. The COVID-19 lockdown has placed significant financial burdens on many parents. But, they still have a legal obligation to pay school fees.

An attitude is emerging – that parents are unwilling to pay for a service they believe they are not receiving – because their children are at home. They’ve been asked to consider the consequences of such actions.

School Governing Bodies

“Our estimation is that there are about 100 to 150,000 people employed, either as educators or non-educators, by school covering bodies in the country. And those people may only be paid from the school fees or the school fund, not from subsidies from the state, or from fundraising activities – income the school receives. So if parents should and must decide we are not going to pay, 150,000 jobs are on the line,” said Paul Colditz, chief executive of the Federation for School Governing Bodies of SA. But work is being done.

Homework is being sent to parents – and perhaps more importantly – there are plans to make up lost time. We have a catch-up plan, and the very same teachers are going to recover lost time and do as much work and sacrifice as the need has arisen and make sure the learners pass at the end of the day. The service will be rendered. It might not be at the time when the parents are expecting it, as per normal, but the service will be rendered,” said Basic Education spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga. Private schools say they’ve had a different experience of this issue.

In other news – Skeem Saam actor Charles Maja aka Big boy has died

Skeem Actor, Charles Maja who plays Big Boy an alcoholic father in the drama soapie, has passed on, this was sad news was confirmed by Thobela FM.

Charles Maja

Taking to their social media they paid tribute to the late actor. Natasha Thahane who also acted alongside the actor also sent her condolences. The actress wrote on her Twitter page “Robala ka kgotso Ntate Maja,” which translates to rest in peace, Mr. Maja. Read more

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